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D.I.D is proud to introduce the new ZVM-X series. In the development of this new series D.I.D has placed the focus on to improve the rigidity (stability/rigidity).
Traditionally, the tractive effort of a chain is used as an indicator for the overall strength of a chain. But traction is only a laboratory value for the breaking point of a chain. Rigidity on the other side is the ability of a chain the forces to resist, which occur in the real world of a driver:
This means better power transfer from the engine to the road and higher Resitstenz to stretch under load. And this brings more gentle handling, faster response times and generally better performance, which will meet the demands of today's high performance motorcycles.

The specified scope is only a rule of thumb, the requirements on the chain differ from model to model. Please the vehicle manufacturer also refer to!
This guideline does not apply to performance-modified bikes or racing bikes.