D.I.D is proud to present the new ZVM-X series. In developing this new series, D.I.D has focused on improving rigidity (stability/rigidity).

Traditionally, the tensile force of a chain is used as an indicator of the general strength of a chain. But traction is only a laboratory value for the breakpoint of a chain. Rigidity, on the other hand, is the ability of a chain to withstand the forces that occur in the real world of a driver:
This means better power transmission from the engine to the road and higher resistance to strain under load. And this brings smoother handling, faster response times and generally better performance that meets the demands of today's high-performance motorcycles.

The specified application area is only an approximate guideline, and the requirements for the chain vary from model to model. Please also refer to the vehicle manufacturer's specifications!
This guideline is not applicable to performance-modified motorcycles or racing machines.