More grip and improved control for you and your bike.
Stompgrip ® Tank Pads for road-approved motorcycles as well as for racing.
Due to the special bump shape of the tank pads, the driver is supported by more grip on the legs in any situation.
More control when accelerating, braking in an inclined position.

Stompgrip® traction pads fit individually for every motorcycle. If there is no matching Stomp Grip Pad, use the Stompgrip® Universal Pads or trim them as needed.

- More control between motorcycle and rider
- Reduced fatigue of the arms and the lower half of the body
- Ultra clear elastomer material
- Under the transparent pads, the paint and design remain visible
- Black pads are opaque
- Rounded edges reduce the abrasion on the garment
- Strong 3M glue 
- Registration-free in road traffic