Eazi-Grip EVO Traction Pads

Eazi-Grip Evolution traction pads were created in collaboration with the top teams in the British Superbike Championship (BSB). The products are characterized by an extremely high quality. They are super thin, only 1 mm thick and result in an ingenious look thanks to the slender profile. The Evolution traction pads provide a much more grip for the driver when braking and accelerating through their studded surface. They drastically reduce the body movements, which ensures a much more relaxed driving.


The studded surface ensures maximum grip and minimum fatigue of the driver. Easy to install due to a very tight adhesive layer which prevents slipping of the pad and does not attack or damage the varnish.


Each tank traction Pad kit consists of specific precision pre-cut adhesives specially designed for the respective motorcycle models.


The products are used by the top teams. Among them are Quattro plant Kawasaki, T3 racing, ILR Racing or Chris Walker Racing.
• Advantages: • Use without damaging the varnish • Abrasion-resistant Studded surface • Clear view of the décor and varnish • Can be removed without damaging the varnish • Stabilizes the curve driving behaviour as well as braking and acceleration.
• • Scope of delivery: Left and right side • Color: Black or clear (please select) • • Eazi Grips Evolution Traction Pads are used by multiple Tourist trophy • Winner Michael Dunlop on all his machines.

(Round recess for manufacturer logo included in pad)