SKeeD underwear

SKeeD garments are specially designed for motorcyclists and protect the skin from any contact with a material that could melt if you slide at high speed, such as a synthetic fiber lining. The insulating properties of the textiles also ensure that the heat from the leather is not transferred to the skin as much, thus reducing the risk of burns.

SKeeD garments are made from Kermel® fibers Kermel®, produced in France and used worldwide for the equipment of special forces, firefighters and military pilots. A unique fiber with exceptional properties. This high-tech fiber is not flammable itself and does not melt. It does not lose these properties even after a long time and numerous washes, since it is not a question of treating or coating the fabric with a flame-retardant substance, but a property of the fiber itself, which it possesses from the very beginning. It also offers exceptional comfort and thermal protection, as well as excellent moisture management.