Puig racing windshields

The Puig Z-Racing and R-Racer discs improve the aerodynamics of your sports bike while maintaining the aggressive line. The differences between the two lie in the construction and the aerodynamic coefficient. Both discs were developed by Puig alongside teams such as the Repsol Honda Team and by WorldSBK's MotoGP and Kawasaki Racing Team with the aim of improving the bike's aerodynamics. However, they have differences that directly affect the effects of wind flow. The R-Racer dome (oval profile) offers a perfect view through the screen and its higher position deflects the wind from the helmet and shoulder area. (Height is +70mm more than OEM) The Z-Racing design (Z-profile) includes two lateral ribs that channel air outwards, this solution managed to relieve the air pressure on the rider's shoulders and balance the bike at high speeds. (The height is +40mm more than OEM)