Airbag West Helite


The Helite airbag systems are revolutionizing the issue of safety in the motorcycle sector, as a large part of all serious and fatal motorcycle accidents are due to injuries in the upper body area. The innovative shape of the airbags ensures that

Stabilization of the head and upper body,

Protection from whiplash trauma, distribution and absorption of beatings,

The airbag vests provide protection for the head, neck, spine, ribcage, internal organs, pelvis and coccyx.

Alability due to the fast trigger time and optimal pressure in the airbag, restoring functionality solely by replacing the gas capsule. Maintenance-free purely mechanical triggering by a zipper without any modifications to the vehicle.

The large volume of protection and the well-thought-out airbag form, combined with a fast trigger time and the optimal pressure, provide the best possible protection, which has already saved hundreds of lives.


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