Helite Turtle Aibag West

The special feature of the TURTLE vest is its construction. The high-quality Sas-Tec back protector is mounted over the airbag like a turtle tank. Helite Drawing

As a result, in addition to the protection of the airbag itself, selective loads are distributed and absorbed on the entire airbag in the back area. The protection is therefore many times higher than with a standard arbag. The interior of the vest features 3D air mesh for optimal ventilation. On all three shutter buckles, the width of the vest can be individually regulated.

The great advantage of the airbag vest is its universal applicability. So you only need a single airbag vest for the entire season, regardless of the outside temperatures or the country of travel.

The Turtle airbag vest is lightweight, compact and always included. Their elaborate workmanship guarantees a long lifespan. The 17 liter protection volumes provide protection for the neck, spine, ribcage, pelvis, coccyx, head, collarbone and internal organs. Helite Drawing

The trigger is done via a tear leash, which is firmly connected to the vehicle and plugged in on the vest when ascending and descending. An unintentional triggering by forgetting the loosening of the zideslining when descending from the vehicle is very unlikely, as a force of 300Nm (30kg) is needed to operate the airbag. By replacing the CO2 cartridge, the vest is immediately operational again. When triggered, the system has the optimum pressure after 100 milliseconds to achieve the full protective effect. This period of time was determined by years of experience of the company Helite and numerous calculations and tests in order to provide the optimal pressure to protect the body at the exact time of impact. Important parts of the body are already protected during the triggering process, if full pressure has not yet been reached.

The Turtle airbags show your technological advantage especially when looking against pointed and sharp-edged objects, such as a guardrail, branch or motorcycle part. Conventional airbagsytemes mitigated the speed of the impact, but could not completely prevent punctual loads from penetrating the body or damaging the airbag. Turtle Technology remedies this weakness. The solid back protector not only protects the airbag from damage, but also ensures that forces that act on a small surface can be absorbed exponentially better. Due to the large-scale protector, the back parts are now protected, which were not previously surrounded by an airbag.

Notes on the textile labelling regulation:
The upper (without airbag) consists of the following textiles: 100% polyester

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