HEL brake lines

HEL motorcycle of brake line kits
• No extend the lines at high temperatures
• eliminates the spongy feeling in the brake lever
• direct and precise braking point
• Teflon inner soul with stainless steel casing
• excluding stainless steel fittings
• lower maintenance costs of the braking system
• Motorsport proven technology
• Stainless steel screws are included in the Kit (if required)
• Hose in 14 colors available, free of charge!
• Banjo connections in 6 colors available, free of charge!
• more than 9200 kits for motorcycles, cars and vans with ABE * or part certificate
Delivery time about 3-5 days! Brake lines are manufactured on customer request and are excluded from exchange.
Kits original: match in length, number and transfer an original spare part.

Kits full length: Two lines, which is a us right to the left, directly from the brake pump, be laid to the brake calipers.

Kits over the Mudguard: A line becomes the right brake caliper from the brake pump, the second from there through the fender to left caliper.
The line kits include fittings, screws, stainless steel coated and coated with PVC hose pipes, all necessary screws and copper sealing rings needed to complete installation.
HEL braided brake lines in the Moto GP, World Superbike, British Superbike, IDM and many other racing series come to use. Also in the original equipment E.g. KALEX or NORTON motorcycles.