90 ° radial Design pressure bar and cylinder are located at 70 ° angle to the handlebars. This results in lower transmission losses and a more direct braking feeling – for better control.
• ABS-KOMPATIBILITÄTMAGURA HCT is suitable for use with all ABS systems currently on the market. (Status 01.2016)
• Advanced Seal TECHNOLOGYDiese New technology reduces or prevents air from entering the hydraulic system. This may be the case in extreme conditions such as those occurring during racing.
• KITDie Valve is supplied with an external compensation tank and the corresponding holder. Due to the compact dimensions, assembly should be possible in almost all cases. The smoked used allows easy control of the liquid level at any time.
• Brake Valve
• Piston diameter 18 mm with Langhebel
  Piston diameter 15 mm with Langhebel
  Piston diameter 12 mm with lever

Scope of delivery Each HCL is delivered ready to grow with the following packaging contents:


 Hollow screw with sealing rings (M10x1)
 Decoupled Reservoir
 Standard clamping clip (without mirror bracket)
 Brake light or start fuse switch
 Abe for brake fittings
 User manual