Rieger Paddock Wizard

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More than a wheel stand!
The Paddock Wizard, is a boxing tool that solves problems.
Everything you need before the race, has its place and can easily be reached by bike.
The main carrier - aerosol can holders a paper roll holder and a storage space for example a pressure tester, tools, etc. equipped with four, moreover,
It is also well catered for the helmet.
The universal helmet holder is equipped with a 230 v fan as a special highlight, which works against moisture and odors.
With the option of the long pole of the wheels, the wizard enables the accommodation of 4 wheels, which are secured by spring clips before slipping.
The necessary power is a long power cord, supplied the Paddock Wizard.
There are three power outlets are located on the main carrier. a socket supplied with current at the height of the surface, as well as two switchable power sockets at the height of the wheel holders, to better use by Tyrewarmers.
He is completely separable by grip screws and equipped with lockable castors, easy to carry and maneuverable in the assembled state very well in the paddock.
Helmet holder: in a very short time again a dry lining
Sockets: 3 Sockets, the two lower for the Tyrewarmer switch: control derHelmlüftung and for the paper roll holder socket: for large paper roll holder: for useful things, like for example Drucluftprüfer
Cup holder: 4 PCs for all sizes of spray can
Wheel stand: for 2-4 wheels, Rod length on request, whether 2 or 4 wheels
Stand: with stable roles for more flexibility
Transport: The stand is fully assembled
Available in different colors, please selecr when ordering.
Neon yellow and pink delivery time 5-8 days, all other colors will not be available again until April 2023!

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