Helite Racing Motorcycle Airbag Vest New E-GP-AIR

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Helite Electronic Airbag Vest for Racing

Helite's electronic airbag system. A brand new technology for maximum protection on the racetrack. A true revolution in protection and detection!
The electronic airbag vest uses multi-sensor detection, which allows a complete analysis of the situation and a complete 360° protection. The algorithm uses a number of sensors (acceleration sensor, gyroscope and GPS) that analyze the movement of the motorcyclist and allow the rider to follow in real time. The fast detection time of 60ms completely blows the airbag before ground impact.

The optional Full Protection solution includes a second sensor (SDU) to be attached to the motorcycle's fork. This option makes it possible in road traffic to reduce the detection time from 60 ms (only by sensors in the west) to 31 ms even at standstill, low speed and regardless of the impact angle. The fork sensor should not be used on the race track.

The electronic system is installed in the Helite e-GP-AIR. It contains the high-quality SAS-TEC back and chest protector, which is mounted like a turtle tank over the airbag. Punctual loads in the back area are thus effectively distributed and absorbed throughout the entire airbag. On the back there are Velcro areas, which are provided with removable leather grinders. These leather parts can be replaced individually in the event of a fall. In addition, individual games can be provided with sponsor logos or patches.

When it is triggered, the system has the optimum pressure after 80-100 milliseconds (depending on the size) to achieve the full protective effect. The 17-24 liters (depending on size) protection volume provide protection for neck, spine, chest, pelvis, coccyx, head, collare and internal organ. By simply replacing the e-cartridge, the vest is immediately ready for use again.

Technical features:
•Electronic triggering, up to 60ms response time
•Airbag capacity: 18 liters
•Airbag filling time: 60-80 milliseconds
•Unlimited trigger number
•SAS-Tec back protector

•e-GP-AIR airbag vest
•e-cartridge (mounted)
•Operating instructions
•Charging cable

Important notes:
•TURTLE airbag model, fully air and maximum pressure according to 75ms - CE certified, latest model.
•The hard external protector in combination with the shock-absorbing air cushion ensures optimal impact absorption and protection against penetration
•The Helite e-GP-AIR airbag is triggered electronically.
•Very high abrasion resistance due to 1.2mm strong cowhide and foam to protect the airbag chamber.
•Body-like fit with elastic material on the sides and space for the hump
•Easy to open with gloves
•large arm cut-outs for unrestricted freedom of movement
•Material composition: 43% polyester, 38% polyamide, 15% elastane, 4% polyurethane
GP AIR 2.0                      S               M             L               XL            L-L           XL-L 
Body size                        160-180   165-185   170-190   175-195   170-190   175-195 
Chest circumference       75-85       80-90       85-95       90-105     90-100     95-115 
Waist circumference       65-80       70-85       75-90       80-100     80-95       85-110 
Hip circumference          70-90       80-95       85-100     90-110     90-105      95-115 
Back length                    45-60        50-65       55-70       60-75       55-70       60-75 
Capsule                          60 CC        60 CC       60 CC       60 CC       60 CC       60 CC


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