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New...Helite Racing Airbag Weste GP-AIR 2.0...New


The GP-Air vest has been specially designed for the racetrack. Special emphasis was placed on aerodynamics with a seat close to the body and space for the back hump. To make the vest even more robust, 1.2mm strong cowhide was used as a upper in the chest and back area. The soft soft collar ensures maximum comfort and ensures that the helmet is optimally supported in the event of a fall.

On the back there are Velcro areas, which are equipped with removable leather parts. These leather parts can be replaced individually in the event of a fall. In addition, these games can be easily provided with sponsor logos or patches.

In addition to the mandatory Turtle Protector in the back, GP Air has an additional chest protector, which also covers the trigger unit and capsule. This creates the double turtle effect. Elastic inserts on the sides of the vest create a close-to-the-body seat, so that the vest sits safely even at high speeds. The biggest feature of the Helite GP-Air is the cutout in the back area. Through this, the vest can be worn via racing combis with large aerodynamic humps.

In the front, the vest is sealed with several Velcro fasteners, which are easy to trade even with gloves.

Helite has optimized the end of the vest's trigger time to 75ms, so that the 18l protection volume is available even faster.

Like the other helite systems, the GP-Air provides protection for the neck, spine, rib cage, pelvis, coccyx, head, collarbone and internal organs. In addition to immense impact protection, the airbag stabilizes the entire torso against twisting and effectively supports the neck and neck in a crash.

The trigger is done via a tear leash, which is firmly connected to the vehicle and plugged in on the vest when ascending. It is important that the zipper is optimally adjusted. This means as long as necessary but as short as possible.

Weight: 5.10 kg
Colour: Black/white

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