Battery charger AccuMate 6/12

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AccuMate 6/12 Battery Charger

The AccuMate is a state-of-the-art, fully automatic battery charger and maintenance device for all conventional, hybrid and fully sealed 6& 12V vehicle batteries, GEL and deep-cycle batteries.

The AccuMate charges at 1.2A constant current until the measured voltage rises to 14.3V (up to just before the gas) and then holds this voltage until the current has decreased to 200mA. The voltage is then limited to 13.6V in order to maintain the power of the battery in the medium term, with the current constantly monitored. If at any time it exceeds 200mA, the main loader will be started again.

The AccuMate is therefore also ideal for applications where battery performance is additionally supported.

Attention: Not for NiCd, NiMH, Li-Ion or dry batteries!


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