Speed Angle APEX GPS Glonass Laptimer, with oblique measurement

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The laptimer is used by many top drivers, including names such as Wayne Maxwell, Alex Cudlin, Mike Jones and the full Australia Honda factory team. Currently, our Speed Angle Laptimer is also used by Quattro Plant Kawasaki with James Hillier in the British Superbike and the Tourist Trophy.

Equipped with the aero-sensor technology and a 10 Hz GPS module, GMOS is the only data logger developed for motorcycle enthusiasts. It differs from other data loggers on the market in that it captures how YOU ride instead of how the motorcycle rides. It measures and records the 3D movement of the ride, including: Slants up to right/left 69 degrees, longitudinal G forces up to +/-1.5G, speeds of up to 255 MPH (410 KMH), 10 Hz GPS tracks, and lap times up to $1,1000 second
• This essential data helps drivers to easily analyze their driving style and provide an efficient way to improve the driver's options.
Why slanting measurement?
• "I know what G force and speed measurement are useful for, but why slanting measurement?" The oblique position is the point that distinguishes two-wheelers in race mode to other vehicles, which have, for example, 4 wheels. Knowing your speed and G power without knowing what your slants are like, this is like a missing piece of the puzzle that is missing to analyze and improve your driving style.
• The oblique measurement captures exactly in which curve you have reached which oblique position. This and the acceleration/delay G measurement and GPS track, clearly indicate how hard and how long you brake before entering a curve. In addition, you see what the curve speed is, whether you roll or when to reopen the throttle flaps and thus accelerate them, just to name a few. Only if a driver knows how to drive, it is possible to exploit or improve his skills.
• Laptimer function: • • In addition to collecting and recording the essential movement data, the device is a laptimer. It features: • Auto Track (racetracks) search, • Auto Start/Target setup (finish line), • Auto Timer Start (Start the session alone by driving off), • Car Timer Stop (Stop the session alone by stopping), • Automatic Data Collection • Auto Lap Report n (Summary of the session) • • After you have a new best time, the entire lap time in the display will be highlighted for a predetermined period of time. A look and you know you've made further progress.
• The start/finish line can be adjusted on the track with the Auto Set function, or transferred from PC to device beforehand. You can also send the start/target settings from the device to the PC to change them.
• Free replay and analysis software included.
• You can watch and evaluate your sessions with our user-friendly R3 replay and analytics software. The acceleration/delay is colour-coded and slants are shown in real time with a triangle. The motion data is created in line charts.
• You can view your journeys 3-dimensionally on the satellite image via Google Earth and thus evaluate yourself. This makes it possible to compare the journeys of several drivers, who also upload their data of the sessions to Google Earth.
• You can use a camera such as GoPro, Drift, Contour, etc., and video overlay software such as dashware.net or racerender.com to view the data in a video. This makes the video you created look very similar to the one you created in the Moto GP. The camera and video software is not part of this offer.
• The product comes with a compatible mount. You can either use the included 3M Dual Lock tapes to attach the device or use the included mount. The sensor can be installed with the included 3M adhesive tapes.

APEX specifications: Device: 94.5 * 70.5 * 30.5mm sensor measurement: 34.5 * 16.5 * 7 mm 10 Hz GPS sampling rate GPS speed range up to 410 km/h oblique angle range to R/L 69 ° Longitudinal G range up to ± 1.5 G LCD resolution 256 * 128, readable in sunlight Waterproof GPS and GLONASS dual systems sensitivity-167 dBm, 72 channels log time up to 50 hours or 253 logs 3.7 V Li-ion battery battery life up to 17 hours (backlight turned off) USB 2.0 compatible lap time resolution 1/1000s Automatic Track Search Auto Start/Target Setting Car Timer Start Auto-Timer Stop Automatic Data Logic Automatic lap Reporting Display Best Lap and Sector Time Predictive Time Period 5 Display modes Local Tracks Preinstalled 15 Custom Routes in memory

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