Champion® PRO Pulse TT Coolant 1 Liter

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Champion® PRO Pulse TT Coolant 1 Liter

Ready-to-use solution. This Si-OAT coolant is specifically designed to protect modern internal combustion engine cooling systems made of aluminum and aluminum alloys. It is basically miscible with most OAT-MEG-based coolants, but for the best possible corrosion protection, we recommend using only this Si-OAT coolant. Excellent protection against corrosion, frost and overheating. Free of amine, borate, nitrite and phosphate. Excellent long-term performance. No dilution with water required. Frost protection down to -36°C.  Color: Violet.

1 Liter=22,00 €

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  • Model: 1042794
  • Manufactured by: Champion®