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Brake pad SBS 894DC ZX6R/636 2013-

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Scope of delivery: 1 set
Attention: Always 2 sets necessary for the front!!


- No fading due to DEST
- Excellent input braking performance
- High friction value and progressive braking feeling
- High heat resistance
- Low wear
- Brake disc-friendly through a transfer film generated on the disc
- Available for all common superstock, supersport and racing togors
- Recommended by the most successful racing teams at international and national level

Please note that when switching from another friction material to SBS Dual Carbon, the pads must first be retracted according to the instructions, otherwise the braking effect is limited!

Instructions for re-energising the SBS DC-Dual Carbon brake pads

If you are switching from another friction material to SBS Dual Carbon, please follow the instructions below:

1. Performs a series of gentle braking movements until the surface has full contact with the disc surface.

2. After the contact between the disc and the friction material has been established, brakes repeatedly in short bursts, so that heat can gradually build up into discs and brake pads until a thin black-dark blue layer of the friction material on the brake disc formed (transfer film)

3. Give the slices a little time to cool before using them properly.

4. Now you can start!

When do the pads have to be retracted in this way?
If you are using SBS DC pads for the first time or the brake discs are new.

When do the pads NOT need to be retracted like this?
If the brake discs are already covered with the DC transfer film. New pads require only one to two laps to get full contact with the brake disc, then the pads are ready to run (thermal reworking as described above in points 2 and 3 is not required).

DO NOT clean the brake discs!
Do not clean the brake discs after each session to preserve the transfer film.




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  • Model: SBS894DC
  • Manufactured by: sbs

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