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Paddock Wizard new next generation

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The Paddock Wizard II is the next generation of Racing Multi stands with combination holders.

Paddock Wizard NEW GENERATION – The ultimate weapon in the paddock!

We understand your problem: your valuable racing gear is scattered around the paddock – the leather suit on an unsightly pit wall, the helmet on a wobbly table and the rims next to the toolbox. But that's history!

The Paddock Wizard NEW GENERATION provides a remedy and revolutionizes the storage of your equipment.

The advantages at a glance:

Quick assembly and dismantling: Thanks to our innovative folding technology, the Paddock Wizard NEW GENERATION is ready for use in seconds. Whether you're a hobby rider or a professional, you'll save valuable time here.

Helmet and glove holder with fan: Our helmet holder has an efficient fan that delivers fresh air to your helmet and gloves with an air flow rate of 790 liters per minute. And even heated air if needed!

Space optimisation: Put an end to the lack of space! At just under one square metre, the Paddock Wizard NEW GENERATION offers a stable and organised home for up to 4 rims, your leather suit, helmet, gloves, spray cans and paper roll. Even additional accessories such as a tyre pressure gauge find their place on the storage tray.

Clock and temperature display: Our integrated display always shows you the current time, so you never miss a stint again.

Sockets: The main column has a total of 3 sockets. The lower sockets can be switched on and off individually, perfect for controlling your tyre warmers. The upper socket remains permanently supplied with power, so that you can, for example, charge your mobile phone without any problems or have power for our ventilated combi holder.

Durable and certified: The robust construction and high-quality powder coating make the Paddock Wizard NEW GENERATION a long-lasting companion. In 2018, our electrical system was comprehensively tested by the Federal Network Agency in Dortmund.

Time-saving: No more endless searching! Everything is easily accessible from your motorcycle. Even if you forget to clean your visor and you're already on the bike, you'll have everything at your fingertips.

Make your life as a racer easier and make sure your equipment is stored professionally and safely. With the Paddock Wizard NEW GENERATION, you create more space and order in the paddock so you can focus on what really matters: riding!

Ready to optimize your appearance? Order your Paddock Wizard NEW GENERATION now and experience the groundbreaking solution that will change your racing life.

Delivery time approx 5 weeks. 

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